Corporate – In Action


Historically companies have had trouble getting visual data out of remote locations via satellite. We solved this problem by building a satellite caching unit – the bridge between our camera and our timelapse cloud system. Using this caching unit we are able to get all photos into our cloud system where they are processed daily or on demand. We used this system with AgriMarine at a remote Powell River location.

AgriMarine is a multinational corporation that used Tremain’s remote monitoring time-lapse systems with our satellite caching unit. AgriMarine’s CEO was at a meeting with their biggest investors when the investor said, “ we don’t think you have any idea of what is going on that remote site.” The CEO sent us an email asking us to provide him with timelapse footage. We sent a command to our computation engine in the cloud and in seven minutes he had that morning’s timelapse on his laptop. He turned his laptop to the members at the board table, played the video and said, “this is the construction that took place this morning.” Needless to say they were appeased and pleased.

Because the satellite bandwidth was an issue (we can set up multiple satellites to solve this problem) we set up an online 10 minute refresh site. Anyone with a password – from any location – could access the newest site photo online every 10 minutes. More information about this project here: Axis Camera Case Study

Sometimes remote can simply mean being in a different place, rather than a hard-to-reach location. A land development company used our systems to capture a new apartment building going up in Alberta. The company’s executives live in British Columbia but were able to visit the site live through their phones, computers and tablets. They could control the PTZ camera from their phones. This plus daily timelapse cut their travel time and expense down considerably.


Tremain’s timelapse has been used by corporations to promote their projects at conferences in Abhui Dahbi and to promote corporate builds and projects to investors and funders.  AgriMarine uses the clear and detailed timelapse to support their marketing efforts and as Sean Wilton, CEO of AgriMarine, says, “the timelapse you created for us is powerful booth bait.”



Managers, superintendents and executives at Quantum Murray and Anchor SEA use live monitoring, automated daily timelapse served through a secure online portal and, live-monitoring cameras to view an island work site from the mainland. This saves in travel costs and time associated with travel. Prior to implementing these systems, AgriMarine staff needed to travel for hours to retrieve video footage. With remote access, that time is saved, and AgriMarine can use the time-lapse footage and daily recaps to manage the project.



Timelapse video is also used – by all our clients – as an efficient way to illustrate to stakeholders, clients, managers and executives complex construction processes not easily grasped by photos and text-based material alone.  The enormity and complexity of projects is easily translated via timelapse – questions regarding time and budget can be answered by visuals rather than words, creating a very powerful message.