Frequently Asked Questions

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Where do you set up your timelapse and monitoring systems?

We are located in British Columbia and fly to locations throughout Canada for specialized time-lapse installations. We can also be contracted to work anywhere on the globe. We will come to you or contract someone in your area for installation for standard set-ups. Once the system is set up all processes are automated allowing the work to get done remotely and from a distance.

What is the best way to contact you?

The best way to contact us is by phone 250-286-3690 or by email email hidden; JavaScript is required Our technicians want to know about your work site so that we create a custom timelapse and monitoring solution for you.

How closely do you work with clients? I’m not sure what we need yet.

Although much of our timelapse system is automated we do work closely with our clients when it is needed. So far we’ve found each installation to be unique and to require unique solutions. We work with you at the beginning of the project so we can put together an installation that suits your needs and your budget.

How much work is this for me throughout the project?

Once the IP cameras are set up and connected to our cloud infrastructure the system runs automatically – giving you timelapse and visual data deliverables you need. Most of the work we require of you happens at the beginning as we learn about your site so we can create a customized solution for you. 

Do you rent or sell the IP cameras?

We rent and sell cameras of all types. Fixed, pan tilt zoom (PTZ), 4K, 6k, arctic temperature cameras, explosion proof cameras (as in they do not create sparks to start an explosion if gases are in air) – there are many cameras available. We work with you to choose the best camera for your use and your budget.

We understand your future security needs as well as your current timelapse and monitoring needs in order to choose a camera. Many of our federal, provincial  and crown corporation clients choose to rent equipment. We have had corporate clients rent cameras then buy them at the end of contract at a discount. We’ve had development companies buy cameras outright and use them on each new construction site. 

Can we use our own IP cameras?

If you have an IP camera you can supply your own.  When you supply your own camera we send you a Stevebox. A small low-profile computer that connects your camera to our cloud system. The amount of set-up time depends on the software controls of your camera. Once we know your camera type we can estimate set-up time.

Is this visual data system software or hardware or both?

This system is both hardware and software. This type of system is currently being defined as, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), which connects hardware to software in the cloud and allows us control your hardware devices – the timelapse cameras and their devices –  remotely. 

What if my data is sensitive and needs to be protected?

We secure all of our data. If you need Canada-only servers and Canada-only cloud systems we do that and have done that for Government of Canada installations for timelapse and monitoring. We offer mega-redundancy in software and hardware so that your data is secure, backed up and we don’t miss a moment. We encrypt data for transit and can encrypt it at rest.


How quickly can you set up a timelapse project or deliver visual data?

At one of the largest earthen damns in the world we had an installer on site within four days of being asked to implement the project. With visual data we sometimes get requests to turn a hand edited timelapse video around in 24 hours for a short-notice Minister or stakeholder visit. We get asked to pull visual data within a few hour notice for incident reporting. When a client needs something outside of the daily flow of content we deliver.

Who do you work with?

We typically work with government, crown corporations, construction companies, remediation companies and security companies. We can also work with home builders, wildlife groups, individuals and brands.

I’m a security company and I want to include your cloud services for my client

You can white label our services and provide it as part of your package you offer – so we are hidden behind the scenes and work with you directly but not your client OR  we are happy to be out front of the transaction and be a seamless part of what you offer and we can partner with you to aid in that. We can set up referral systems when we both serve the client individually.

I’m a client and I would love to have timelapse but I also want to use this as a construction security system during our build. Is that possible?

We can do that. We work with security firms and can give them access to your monitoring cameras so they can monitor your site 24 hours a day if needed. 

Why do you have a media arm to your company and how does it help me?

Daily timelapse is used as a management tool as well as a  promotional tool. To get the best product to you for promotional purposes we hand edit your segments. For more robust documentaries we provide narration, music, motion graphics and on-site video.   

What is Render Engine?

It’s where our programming lives and the automation for the timelapse systems happen. It connects your data to our backups, to short and long term storage and to client retrieval systems like our daily timelapse portal. We automate as much of our processes as possible so we can serve you your visual data seamlessly. This system is truly at the core of our team.