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Leah Tremain


Leah Tremain is the CEO of Tremain Timelapse and oversees the daily operations of both Tremain Timelapse and Tremain Media.  She has led her company to numerous awards and is featured in the book, “New Pioneers: Stories of BC Women Entrepreneurs.” She holds a Master of Education with a specialty in educational video.

Steven Connor


Steven Connor is Tremain Media’s lead programmer.  He built Render Engine, an elegant system in the cloud that automates many of the features and data management of our time-lapse systems. He is consistently developing, customizing, programming and creating systems and features for time-lapse.


Nathniel Tubb

Junior Programmer

Nathaniel is an up and coming software developer who has joined us as our team’s junior programmer. He works alongside Steven Connor and the rest of the team to continue improving the Tremain Timelapse Render Engine software and media delivery systems.

Render Engine

CCO: Chief Computation Officer

Behind the humans is our computation engine in the cloud or Render Engine. It’s where our programming lives and the automation for the timelapse systems happen. It also connects your data to our myriad of backups, to short and long term storage and to retrieval systems like our daily timelapse portal. We automate as much of our processes as possible so we can serve you your visual data seamlessly. This system is truly at the core of our team.