Tremain Visual provides: daily timelapse video, on-site live video monitoring, terapixel panoramas, a daily time-lapse video portal, satellite caching units for remote locations and, when needed, secure Canada-only cloud systems. Tremain Visual is a cloud-based time-lapse system with backups, final products and deliverables being processed and delivered seamlessly via our cloud system.


Connect   How it works

We customize how you connect the IP cameras to our timelapse cloud system, depending on your requirements. Business or home internet, satellite, cell, modem, even Canada-only private lines. Your location; Your needs; Your customized connection.



Security and data integrity is as important to us as it is to you.


All of your data is encrypted in transfer and is housed in a physically secure data centre with optional encryption for data at rest. We supply Canada-only routing and Canada-only cloud services for the federal government, law firms and and other businesses or services that require the safety of a Canada-only system.

Our daily timelapse portal uses a secure webserver. For other projects daily timelapse can be delivered via secure file transfer.

Data Integrity

Your data is secure. We customize the amount of backup to your needs. With our system the data is transferred to the onsite computer  How it works, and then is backed up on computers in our cloud system. For mission critical data we provide fully redundant hardware and software systems both on-site and off.

Tremain Timelapse also provides camera health checks – we monitor cameras for full functionality and a clear view of the site.


Deliver   How it works


Daily timelapse can be delivered through our calendar portal

where you and your team can watch each day timelapsed into minutes, you can tag important days and events and each day includes a comment section for logging information or having discussions.

File Transfer

Daily time-lapse can also be delivered to you via most file transfer methods.

With enough notice we can integrate or streamline daily timelapse into your construction project management software.


Timelapse can be delivered both with or without timecode. Year, month, day, hour, minute, second can be delivered on the footage directly and automatically makes up the file name for every photo we take. Simple data identifiers that are integrated in the file name ensures archival usability.

Daily Timelapse via Email

For projects not requiring the security of the portal or SFTP we can deliver your daily timelapse using email.

Automatic Edits

We deliver automated timelapse customized to final run time – for example an automatically generated weekly timelapse sped up 4x to take 7 minutes of timelapse down to 1.75 minutes.

Custom Hand Edits – Professional Motion Graphics

We can also deliver hand-edited timelapse for any project needs. Tremain Media delivers all of our high-end graphics and edits.

Automated Panorama

One of our most popular still photo feature is our automated panorama. The timelapse camera is programmed to take hundreds of photos on a grid and then our software stitches those together to create printed posters, some as large as 30,000 pixels wide. We are approaching terrapixel resolution. The digital files are incredibly detailed and are currently used for posters, to news release photos and animated 360° tours.

Hourly Photos

Hourly photos can be delivered to you automatically by email.

Archival Still Photos

Some projects like to have all the original timelapse still photos available for long-term archiving. Our timelapse system uses naming conventions that make understanding your data clear and accurate.


How We Connect

The outside network connection to our timelapse cloud system – is based on what is available on the ground, via satellite, or via a cellular network. We can also create a private network connection directly to our servers for special scenarios. When no Internet is possible we gracefully degrade to mirrored hard drives delivered via sneakernet.

The Steve Box

The onsite computer is the bridge between the cameras and our timelapse cloud system. They are purpose-built rugged, small-form-factor computers running OpenBSD with minimal software to reduce network attack surface.

Secure, Off-Site Storage

The cloud servers offer secure off-site redundant storage of the images from all clients and projects. The photo archive can optionally be archived to long term storage. Depending on the output required by the client we compile the timelapse video from the source photos and provide it to the client by the desired method.